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Australia is an large island which is closer to Asia than it is to its western counterparts. Settled by the British and with a colourful history, nowadays Australia is a hot tourism destination due to gorgeous beaches, friendly locals and western familiarity.

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Currency & Spending in Australia?

Currency: The currency in Australia is Australian dollars (we wont accept other currencies so make sure you have yours changed over).

Spending: Australia is comparatively expensive to many countries due to its isolation. The bonus to this is that we earn a lot more – this is great if you’re on a working holiday.

However its not so great when you’re trying to budget. You’ll find food, accommodation and day tours a little more expensive then you’re used to back home, so make sure you budget accordingly.

Average prices:

  • Hotels – its best to check out the prices yourself, have a look here.
  • Meals at cafes and restaurants – $15-40
  • Meals at the foodcourt – $8-15
  • Bus rides for the day within 1-2 zones max out at – $9
  • A 20 minute Uber – $20
  • A 20 minute taxi – $26
  • A two day tour – $190+
  • Scuba dive – $140+


Weather in Australia

Australia’s seasons are inverse to those that are experienced in places like America, Europe and China. We experience winter at the opposite time to many of those countries, making it a perfect getaway destination in times of bad weather back home.

Australia generally has a mild difference between the seasons, however there are many exceptions to that rule. Hence its hard to give an overview of the seasons for Australia.

You can view general information below or scroll down to the Destinations heading to find articles on the best time to visit areas within that state.

  • Summer: The Australian summer is quite hot, and a little (but not a lot) humid. Be careful sunbathing during this time as you’ll get sunburnt quicker than you would in other countries due to how strong the sun is here. You may see a summer storm or two, but the weather is generally hot and sunny.
  • Autumn: With mild temperatures, the weather in Autumn is pleasant enough, leaning towards the colder side of things (15-27 degrees Celsius / 63-81 F).
  • Winter: Generally winter is a time of moderate temperatures. Depending on where you are in the country you may need a jacket, scarf and gloves. However in areas like Queensland the winters are mild and if you’re used to real winters back home, you’ll easily get by with just the jacket. It can rain a little in winter but days are generally pleasant.
  • Spring: Spring is a great time to visit Australia with temperatures just a bit warmer than Autumn. The flowers come out during this time and the weather is warm but not so hot its uncomfortable to go sightseeing.


How to Get to Australia?

It can take a bit of time to fly into Australia from well, everywhere due to the isolation of the country. Even from nearby Asian countries you can expect a flight of atleast 6 hours, while from Europe and the USA you’re easily looking into double digits.

Most flights fly into Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or the Gold Coast, and if you’re needing an internal flight you may still be in for a bit of travel time. Australia is a large country so make sure you’re aware that it may take a little longer to get from city to city than you’re used to.


Transport in Australia

Worried about getting around in Australia as you’re not sure how to ride a kangaroo? Don’t stress, Australians, like people from most other western countries, now get around by car, train, ferry and bus. We also use these great body parts named feet.

For transport, each state has different cards that you can buy such as the Opal card for New South Wales, and Translink for Queensland. Paper tickets comparatively are more expensive so you’re best getting a transport card if you’ll be using public transport in that state often.

For cheaper alternatives to taxis, Uber is very widely used especially when trying to get somewhere that isn’t frequented by public transport. However the transport network is pretty good so most places will be easily accessible by public transport.


What Are Australians Like?

Australians are very friendly, but are also often sarcastic, honest and outspoken. This might seem jarring if you come from a country where these traits are not common.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re lost, either on the street or in a store, as Australians are often more than happy to help. Like most countries, you’ll have the best chance for a good answer if you pick someone who doesn’t seem to be in a rush.

You’ll find Australians are more similar to Americans than their nearby Asian neighbors, in manners and personality. Western values are very much in place here, but the vibe is a little more casual.


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