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Here’s reads a helpful guide for deciding the best time to visit Perth for your Australian holiday. Perth is a little isolated from most of the major cities, and while there are some differences in weather, the seasons aren’t startlingly different.

Keep reading to find out the best months to visit Perth for decent weather, water sports and sightseeing.


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Best Time to Visit Perth: Seasons


Perth has a milder climate during winter with daytime temperatures averaging around 19 to 21 degrees (60’s F).The winter months typically witness heavy rains and storms, but expect a combination of rainy days and gorgeous azure skies.

Because daily temperatures remain in the high teens (C/ 60’sF), those who don’t enjoy dry, hot weather will have a great time. That said, the rainy season tends to cause less favorable changes for water activities whether due to rougher seas or visibility.



Spring in Perth is a time for blossoms, less rainfall and warmer temperatures. At this time of the year, you can expect days with average temperatures of 12 to 23 degrees (54-74F).

You’ll also enjoy the spectacular sight of a carpet of wildflowers that appear over the landscape annually in Western Australia.



The summer months are Perth’s hottest with an average temperature of 29 degrees C (high eighties F). Summer is lovely in Perth, hot and dry, although the cool south-westerly breeze helps to keep things cool. Evenings are warm and balmy.

This is ideal for enjoying the nightlife venues in Perth as you watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean. Avoid Perth during the height of summer if you plan to spend time walking or lazing on the beach, unless you’re used to hot temperatures.



During fall, temperatures range in the twenties (celcius) / seventies (F), and beautiful red and orange autumn leaves dot the suburban streets. Expect to experience days that are generously sunny, coupled with cooler nights.

At this time of the year, there are fewer crowds compared to those in the high season of spring. This is also a great season to visit if you’re looking for weather that’s suitable for water activities.


So What is the Best Time to Visit Perth?

The best time to visit Perth is during the months of September through November. This is when the city is alive with the sights and sounds of spring.

During this season visitors can enjoy warm and sunny days with clear skies, and no interruptions from rain. At this time of the year, the wildflowers in Kings Park are in bloom and there are abundant seasonal events.


How to Get to Perth

Flight: You can catch direct domestic flights to Perth from Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. It takes 5 hours by flight from Brisbane, 6 hours from Sydney, and 5 hours from Melbourne.

Bus: If you’re not pressed for time, you can take a long distance bus and travel to Perth over a period of days. There are some amazing attractions dotted along the way that you can stop at.


How to Get Around Perth


It’s best to purchase a Transperth SmartRider card to use for public transportation in Perth. Your SmartRider card enables you to enjoy a fare discount and a daily maximum spend.

The rail network offers a great way to tour attractions around the city and the surrounding suburbs. Use your SmartRider card to take advantage of the free fares in the railway’s free transit zone.



There are bus services to take you around the city centre and in Fremantle. The buses are especially convenient for travel between Perth or Fremantle’s downtown attractions and hotels.



With your SmartRider card you can catch the public ferry across Swan River. There are also multiple private ferry trips per day to Rottnest Island. This is a great option for a DIY river cruise and/or budget trip to Rottnest Island.


Car Rental

It’s possible to rent a car while in Perth which is undoubtedly the most flexible option -just be sure to bring your International Driving Licence.


Tips for Travel in Perth

The fashion style in Perth is casual (much like Australia in general), so you don’t need to bring a suitcase full of your trendiest clothes. You’ll definitely want to wear a hat while outdoors in the sun on hot days though.

For additional protection from the sun, use SPF 30+ sunscreen and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. You haven’t really known sunburn until you’ve been outside in the Australian summer. You’ll get burnt much faster than you would elsewhere due to the strength of the sun.

Don’t forget your swimsuit as you’re likely going to spend most of your time swimming at Perth’s white sandy beaches. When traveling to remote areas, carry insect repellent and cover your arms and legs at dawn and dusk.


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