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Best time to visit Broome: Broome is a laid back town situated in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The town was founded in the late 1880s as a pearling port, making it a multicultural town.

Broome stretches along the Indian Ocean shoreline, and it home to the famous 22 km long Cable Beach which is known for its spectacular sunsets. The beach offers great views of the Indian Ocean and visitors have an option to take camel rides in the evening.

At the southern end of the beach, there are red’s rocks known as Gantheaume Point that allow you to see the dinosaur footprints. However, thes prints are only visible during low tide so make sure you have the timing right.

Apart from Cable Beach, Broome’s Historical Museum will take you back to several decades of the town’s rich history. The SSJG Heritage Centre and Relationship Exhibition will enable you to understand more about past relationships between the Asian, Aboriginal and European people. Tranquil garden rooms and native fruit trees are also available for nature lovers.


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Seasons in Broome

Broome has a tropical climate that is defined by wet and dry seasons. Below is a breakdown of the climate and temperature changes in Broome by seasons and months.


June, July, and August make up the winter season. However, while most areas in Australian are experiencing cold weather, Broome is known to experience warm days with clear blues skies. The temperature usually ranges from 17-30 C / 62-86F.


Spring comprises of September, October, and November. The temperature is usually between 25-33C / 77-91F.

November is one of the hottest months of the year with high levels of humidity during the day and night. September and October are categorized as the dry season with September temperatures ranging between 18 and 32C / 64-89F . October’s temperatures on the other hand range between 22 and 33C / 71-91F.


Summer in Broome is happens in December, January, and February. December is considered the hottest month with an average temperature of 34C /93F. January and February are known as monsoon seasons. There is plenty of rainfall in both months with February being the wettest month.


Broome’s Autumn season consists of March, April, and May. March and April may have rainfall during the afternoon and late evenings. However, in the month of May, you will be able to experience warm days and cool nights.


Best Month(s) to Visit Broome

The best months to visit Broome would be June to mid-August. The weather is warm and the skies are clear. However, due to the amazing weather, the town is not only packed with international tourists but also local Australians getting away from the cold cities.

To avoid the crowded hotels and beaches, the best months to visit Broome is May or September. During these months, the tourists have started to leave the town and the water is not too cold or too hot for swimming on the beach. Mornings and evenings are ideal for leisure walks and basking in the sun.


How to Get to Broome

There are several ways to travel to Broome from the major cities. Broome has an international airport that is ranked the 20th busiest airport in Australia. Being an international airport, there are direct flights from 20 countries across the globe. Additionally, the airport also offers direct flights from major cities in Australia.

If you are traveling from Brisbane to Broome, you can choose from the following options.

  • The fastest way is by flight which takes 7 hours and 7 minutes.
  • By train or bus, it would take 4 days and 23 hours. However, if you travel via Perth, it will be 5 days and 6 hours. So, consider flying.
  • Driving a car will take you roughly 4 days depending on how many hours a day you drive for. I wouldn’t recommend this option unless you were spreading it out more as a roadtrip. Note that driving is also the cheapest means of transport when coming from Brisbane to Broome.

Another city that has several travel options to Broome is Melbourne.

  • The fastest and cheapest way to travel to the town is by flight which takes 6 hours and 26 minutes.
  • If you travel by bus or train the time you will take roughly 3 days which will include a 2-hour transfer along the way.
  • If you decide to drive yourself from Melbourne the journey will be roughly 3-4 days. Much like above, I’d only recommend doing this if splitting it up with stops in between and allowing more time.


From Sydney, taking a flight is the fastest and cheapest way to travel. It will only take you 7 hours and 8 minutes to reach Broome. Train and bus will take 4 days, 8 hours. However, if you travel via Perth the journey will be a bit longer as it will take 4 days and 15 hours. Driving may take fewer or more days depending on how long you drive for.

Finally, if you are coming from Perth to Broome there are three options to choose from.

  • The first one is by flying which will take 4 hours and 44 minutes.
  • Driving will take you 2-3 days
  • And lastly, the bus will take the longest – 34 hours and 45 minutes.


How to Get Around Broome?

Getting around Broome is relatively easy because of the many options available to both the locals and tourists. Apart from taking a bus or taxi, you can rent a car, cycle or walk within the town center.

To make it safer for the drivers, the roads are wide enough and there are no traffic lights to hold you up. Furthermore, the roads are also flat surfaced making riding a bike around the town easier. Footpaths are also friendlier to pedestrians.


Broome town has a local bus service that runs 7 days a week except on Christmas day. Traveling by bus is the fastest and cheapest way that allows you to see the beautiful town that is Broome.

Whether you want to visit the famous Cable Beach, Chinatown or the Boulevard Shops, the bus usually makes stops at all major stations and there’s accommodation on the way to those places.Note that, Broome being a tourist attraction, bus times vary according to the high and low seasons.


Taxi is another easy and convenient way to get around Broome. There are two ways to access a taxi which is by calling the local taxi companies or flagging one on the street. Most taxi companies also have maxi taxis and buses for larger groups.


Rental Cars 

Another convenient way to travel around Broome is to hire a car. With plenty of companies ready to offer their services, you will not be stranded anywhere from the airport to within the town. Additionally, the roads are in great conditions with most roads signposted to enable tourists to easily find their way around.

As such, hiring a car is easy since all you need to have is just your home country license issued in English or just have an international license.

Cycling, Riding Scooters and Walking

As mentioned above, due to the flat surface and wide roads, Broome is an ideal place to walk, cycle or ride a scooter. Since cycling and riding a scooter is a popular way for locals to move around, tourists are also encouraged to use the two methods to move around town.

There are many outlets where you can hire affordable bikes and scooters from; all you have to do is just know how to ride well. However, if you want to experience the town in a more intimate way, the best approach is to take a walk around the town.


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