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Best time to visit Brisbane: Known to be the oldest city in Australia, Brisbane was originally founded by the indigenous Turrbal and Jagera people. They named the city after the Brisbane River which also takes its names from a Scotsman who was named Sir Thomas Brisbane.

Although it was usually used as a place for secondary offenders by the Sydney colony from 1821, when Queensland was proclaimed a separate colony from New South Wales in1985, it was chosen as Australia’s capital city.

Brisbane is located at the South East Queensland and the third most populated city in Australia with more than 2 million people. From the nineties, the city has grown tremendously. In 2016, it achieved the record international tourism numbers of 1.159 million. By 2018, the number went up to 1.3 million international visitors.

With many preferring to call it the Sunshine State, Brisbane is a city worth visiting as it has a lot to offer international tourists as well as the local visitors too.


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Best Time to Visit Brisbane by Season

Australia seasons are quite different from other seasons in the northern hemisphere. And although Brisbane is located in the southern hemisphere, it still experiences the same seasons as the other states of Australia.


Winter in Brisbane is experienced in June, July and August. The weather is mostly dry and mild with the temperature being between 11 to 21oC. Nonetheless, at night the temperature drops but not less than 9oC. Note that, it does not snow in Brisbane.


Starting from September and ending in November, spring in Brisbane is marked by warm days and breezy night. The temperature is between 15 to 25o C.

December, January, and February make up the summer season. The average temperature ranges from 21 to 29.8oC. However, unlike other summer seasons, the city experiences rainfall in January and February. When the rainfall becomes heavy, there is a possibility of thunderstorms and floods.

Autumn/ Fall
Fall comes in March, April, and May with the temperature being between 15 to 25oC. March mostly feels like the summer season but by early April the weather begins to become cooler. May is the coolest month with the temperature being at 23 to 24oC during the day and 12 to 14oC at night.


Best Month(s) to Visit Brisbane

The best months to visit Brisbane are March and April. The temperature is cool compared to other months. When it comes to the weather, the months also record little rainfall than the summer months. However, since the city is situated on the southeast part of Queensland, it has subtropical climate and tourists are advised to wear sunscreen at all times.

Additionally, September and October are also good months to visit Brisbane. The months have mild temperature and enough dry days. Nonetheless, due to the Brisbane Festival held in September most hotels are fully booked. To avoid finding yourself stranded with no place to stay, you need to book your accommodations early.


How to Get to Brisbane

Brisbane has its own airport that has direct flights from other countries. Nonetheless, not all tourists are coming directly from those destinations. Some are coming from other main cities in Australia.

If you are coming from the city of Perth, there are several ways you can reach Brisbane. You can either take an airplane, bus, car or train. A direct flight from Perth airport to Brisbane airport will take you 4 hours and 20 minutes. Riding a train or bus will take you 2 days and 5 hours to reach the city. If you enjoy a drive, it will take you 47 hours and 58 minutes.

Another nearby city is the Gold Coast. The distance between both cities is 71 kilometers but by road its 78.3 kilometers. The fastest way to travel to Brisbane from Gold Coast is by using a taxi that only takes 54 minutes. A direct bus takes 1 hour and 15 minutes where else a tram or train will take you 1 hour and 54 minutes. If you drive yourself from the city of Gold Coast without making any stops, it will take you 54 minutes which similar to taking a taxi.

When coming from Sydney or Melbourne, taking a flight from Sydney to Brisbane is 3 hours and 12 minutes, and Melbourne is 4 hours 16 minutes. By bus, the traveling time is 14 hours 17 minutes from Sydney, and 28 hours and 10 minutes from Melbourne. Note that, the trip takes longer from Melbourne to Brisbane since there are no direct buses available.

The Sydney train takes 14 hours and 17 minutes to travel to Brisbane while the Melbourne train takes 26 hours and 5 minutes. Driving takes 10 hours from Sydney, and 18 hours 40 minutes from Melbourne.


How to Get Around Brisbane

There are plenty of ways to get around Brisbane such as buses, trains, taxis, ferries, and hired cars. Cycling and walking are also good if you are traveling short distances. Comparing all these traveling options, the public transport system called Translink is the best and most popular way to move around the city.

The reason behind it is the fact you can purchase a Translink Go Card. The Go Card is found in various places like Brisbane international and domestic airports, train stations throughout the city and convenient stores. Furthermore, the cards have specific offers for tourists and local visitors.

However, before traveling with public transport which is trains, buses, and ferries, you will need to load the card with money. The best places to do this are the Go Card retailers, or fare machines across the city.


Brisbane has several comprehensive bus services that run throughout the city. The buses connect from the outer and inner suburbs to the central business district (CBD), railway stations, ferry terminals, and major shopping centers among others.

If you are moving around the city, there are free buses available like City Loop and Spring Hill Loop. Additionally, from Friday and Saturday midnights there are special NightLink buses that ensure no tourist will be stranded in the city.


Brisbane railway network is another great way to move across the city and other surrounding neighborhoods. The trains run every day from morning to late night departing from Brisbane Central and Roma Street Stations every 30 minutes.

From these stations, you can visit major attractions across the city such as the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Museum. Additionally, famous destinations include Fortitude Valley and South Bank.



In Brisbane, ferries are also known as CityCats. The ferries are one of the most enjoyable ways to explore the city since you will see all the city key spots. Because they accept the Go Card, they are also popular with tourists and visitors alike.

The most visited attractions when you board the ferry are the City Botanic Gardens, and Eat Street Northshore.

Car Rentals

Brisbane permits Australian license holders as well as foreigners to hire a car. However, if the foreigner license isn’t English based, you are required to have an International Driving Permit from the Automobile Association from your home country.

Note that, the driving license is only valid for the foreigners for three months. If you stay longer than that, you need to get a license from any Australian state.


Apart from operating in airports, taxis are also found in the city center and precincts. They provide a quick and efficient way for visitors to move around the city. Most of them are able to carry a maximum of four passengers. Nonetheless, they are some taxis that carry more than four people while others are custom made to carry wheel-chaired passengers.


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