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If choosing to base yourself in Sydney there are a number of day trips to do to the surrounding tourist attractions. In fact you’ll find your holiday will be more relaxing and cost efficient by staying in one place and taking day tours from Sydney.

I’ve listed some of the best attractions near Sydney below and I hope they help you get the most out of your trip to Australia.


Adventurous Kayak Tour to Goat Island

This guided tour will allow you to explore the magnificent and aesthetic significance of Goat Island that now forms part of Sydney Harbour National Park. In the past, the island has served as a convict stockade, quarry, gun powder store, police station, boatyard, fire station, concerts and for filming including the Water Rats Australian TV series. The most exciting thing about this tour is the fact that you Kayak all the way to the Island.

Think an unforgettable kayaking adventure that allows you to admire and capture fantastic Sydney views from the heart of its harbor. To enjoy the tour to the full, it’s crucial that you are physically fit and are not afraid of water. Choosing a kayak adventure to explore Goat Island with an expert tour guide Sydney’s beautiful harbor equals unforgettable lifetime memories. Specialised grade sea kayaks and gear both single and double kayaks are available for the tour.

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Blue Mountains Cruise Day Tour / magann


You can never go wrong by joining a day tour from Sydney to discover the magnificence and mystery of the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains is one of the most popular and most visited places in Australia. Its 1436 square kilometers range boasts an attention-grabbing history and unparalleled views and panoramas of extraordinary natural attractiveness. So much so that it was pronounced as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO in November 2000.

Not only is The Blue Mountains breathtaking with natural beauty, it is also surrounded by assortment of tourist attractions including Echo Point, Featherdale, the Leura Cascades, Cahills Lookout, and more. The tour will also see you marveling at the Katoomba Falls, Orphan Rock, Boards Head and you’ll get to spot the legendary Three Sisters rock formation. Blue Mountains thrilling day tour from Sydney is nothing less of spending your day sightseeing the nature’s amazing wonders.

If you are fascinated by kangaroo’s, this day tour from Sydney will also get you up close to kangaroos and koalas as well as more other outstanding sights of the mountain landscape before returning to Sydney on an amazingly enjoyable river cruise!

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Hunter Valley Winery – Wine Tasting and Lunch Tour from Sydney

For a personalized day tour from Sydney, you can also travel to the Hunter Valley Winery. Hunter Valley is an award-winning winery, and one of the oldest wine production region in Australia.

With wine tasting always making such a good time, a tour to Hunter Valley provides an amazing wine tasting experience – you get to taste about 20 wines. The tour involves visiting about 3 wineries with a small-group guided tour from Sydney and learning every bit behind the winemaking process and then tasting several local wines. Afterwards, you enjoy a delightful lunch from an extensive list of local cuisines.

You also get to relax with a tasty glass of wine, beer or soft drink while enjoying spectacular views surrounding the winery region. The most interesting part of this tour is hearing the history behind Hunter Valley as one of the oldest family-based wineries. Let’s not forget walking among the vines, meeting new people and making friends who together you’ll experience and create a memorable trip. Lastly, there’s also the opportunity to purchase wine from the cellar.

Note that this day tour is suitable for a whole range of people, but not appropriate for kids. Find out more details here.


Manly and Shelly Beach Snorkeling Day Tour

Want to experience how it feels to reconnect with nature on an eco-tourism certified snorkeling tour in Sydney? Then a Manly and Shelly Snorkeling tour is the way to go. It’s only after you reach here that you will understand why many families visit the beach. It is such an amazing and enjoyable place for taking a dip or relaxing. Additionally, since it is a sheltered and protected marine reserve, it is ideal for kids.

For the adventurous, the beach has a great snorkeling territory along the eastern side of the cove.
As a guided tour, you’ll enjoy expertise knowledge and experience from a local expert guide as you explore the spectacular Marine Park.

Together with your tour mates who make for a more friendly and fun-filled experience, and with the help of the guide, you learn about Manly coastal culture. The trip gets very exciting when you get to the point of trying to identify over 200 fish species, algae and invertebrates in the park.

No description can match the beyond amazing tour that is Manly and Shelly Beach. Whether you are a native or it’s your first time in Australia, this trip is loaded with pure fun and excitement. People who visit Manly Beach always say they’ll definitely go back again.

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Canberra Day Tour from Sydney

It’s not without reason that Canberra is considered one of the most advanced and progressive cities in the world. If you are curious about this fascinating Australian capital city, you should choose a full-day tour from Sydney to Canberra. A full-day tour from Sydney to Canberra will see you travel with a small personalized group for an amazing Canberra experience where you’ll see amazing city architecture and attractions.

The tour guide shares with you the story behind Canberra structural design that was conceived of by visionary architects and one of only a handful of planned cities in the world. The tour will see you visiting the billion-dollar Parliament House, which comprises 4,700 rooms with many of them open for public access. You’ll also visit the parks, War memorial, Australian art a gallery, National Library, and more.

Other interesting places to visit while in Canberra include taking a closer look at the numerous national embassies. Each of them is uniquely designed to mirror different aspects of the Australian culture. Furthermore, you get to do a stop for a 360 degree city view from Mount Ainslie. There’s no doubt that the tour will be an informative and interesting adventure.

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Whale Watching Sydney Cruise

Melissaf84 /


Whales are amazingly unique, graceful, beautiful, and mysterious creatures that have graced our planet for millions of years. Their nurturing, bonding, playing, singing, and cooperation skills invoke wonder and fascination.

With some whale species having been hunted to almost extinction, this whale watching Sydney tour into the open waters of the Pacific Ocean allows you to go to one of the best whale watching trip. The guided whale watching day tour from Sydney will see you watching these gentle giants of the sea live including thousands of humpback whales and southern right passing along the coastline on their yearly migration between Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef in May to November.

You also get to check out other marine life such dolphins, orcas whales, minke whales, seals, penguins, and a variety other sea birds. If you get lucky enough on the cruise while standing on the open-air viewing decks, you might get a chance to see two or more humpback whales playing or even about four whales putting a show– splashing down and flip their tail the whole time! It is such a great and amazing experience. We promise you’ll love every minute of it!

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