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Taking a day tour from Melbourne is the best way to make the most of your trip to Australia. By basing yourself in a major city and taking day trips from Melbourne, you’ll save yourself the hassle of changing hotels and finding your bearings in each new place.

Melbourne is a great city to base yourself in due to the sheer number of attractions hours from the city. Read on to discover the best Melbourne day tours.


Yarra Valley Day Tour

For an endless choice of premium wineries, cellar doors, cider, chocolate tasting, restaurants, Yarra Valley is the place to visit. The one hour day tour drive from Melbourne central business district will leave you in awe. With over 40 winery cellar doors situated in the valley, you will be spoilt for choice on which cellars to visit. The varieties of wine styles produced include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sparkling wines, among others.

Apart from the winery experience, the valley has a cool climate which is ideal for hiking through the towering forests to misty waterfalls. Nature parks are available where you will find koalas, dingoes, emus, kangaroos, and many more.

The remarkable forest is also home to the parrot and other majestic birds. To be able to cater for the animals, the valley also has a wildlife health center which is open for everyone who is interested in visiting.

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The Amazing Great Ocean Road Tour

If you are a fan of road trips, going on the fantastic great ocean road tour will truly excite you. As one of Australia’s most memorable road trips, Amazing Great Ocean road tour is listed by the Australian National Heritage. It covers 243 km, starting in Torquay and all the way to Allansford which is a small town between Port Campbell.

It is also known to be the world’s most prominent war memorials site built in 1918 and 1932 by returning soldiers who dedicated it to the many fallen soldiers during World War II.

The amazing, great ocean road tour is rich with stunning sights, landmarks, and history, which are the famous Twelve Apostle limestone formations. There are many exciting places to stop and enjoy some activities such as Apollo Bay which is renowned for wine tasting. The Kenneth River is widely known to be home of the wild koalas. If you are up to some hiking, you can do that along the shipwreck coast. This once in a lifetime opportunity will also give you a chance to witness the natural splendor of the Lord Ard Gorge.

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Ramsay Street Filming Location of Neighbours Soap Opera

For a close and personal experience with the houses of the famous soap opera Neighbors, you can visit Ramsay Street for half a day tour from Melbourne. The street is located at Pin Oak Court in the Melbourne suburb of Vermont. It was actually named after the original character Max Ramsay who appeared in the first episode of the show on March 18th, 1985. He was cast for more than a year until he left the show on May 2nd, 1986.

As a guided tour, you will get the chance to take pictures of the houses and the streets too. Furthermore, you will also get an opportunity to meet some of the cast members. The members are friendly and will not mind taking pictures with you. Being the longest-running program in Australia, the street is worth visiting for both locals and international tourists as well.

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Thrilling Melbourne Bike Day Tour

To learn Melbourne city more intimately, you can take the three-hour thrilling bike tour. The tour is a blend of an amazing workout and an opportunity to see Melbourne’s city beautiful scenery.

Many roads in the city have bike paths clearly marked with a green surface and bicycle symbols. The symbols clearly show where cycling should start and where it ends. Some paths are meant for only bike riders while others you will have to share with other vehicles.

To ensure you stay on the right path, there are signs everywhere. When you take the bike ride tour, you will also get the chance to ride past Melbourne’s most historic and iconic landmarks such as the Yarra River and the Victorian Arts Centre.

Other places you will pass by are the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Melbourne Park. If you are unable to go around all the sites, you can just ride a portion and take a break at some coffee shops situated all over the city.

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Melbourne Hot Air Balloon Ride

This breathtaking ride will allow you to see Melbourne city at its greatest very early in the morning. Being one of the cities in the world that have hot air balloons flying over them, you should not miss this one-hour sensation ride around Melbourne city.

From the time you climb into the basket of the hot air balloon, you are assured of unforgettable experiences that include flying above the Shrine of Remembrance. Furthermore, there is the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne Park, the Albert Park Formula 1 racetrack, and the Yarra River as it winds its way through the city’s suburbs.

To ensure you don’t forget anything, most air balloons have a camera attached to them, and at an extra cost, the cameras will be taking photos of you inside the basket and the breathtaking city background.

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Grampians National Park Day Tour from Melbourne

You can never get enough of nature no matter where you travel. Therefore, to experience some of the astounding views in Australia, A day tour from Melbourne visit to the Grampian National Park will see you experience some of the most astounding falls such as Silverband Fall and the majestic Grand Canyon.

Since you will be spending a day at the park, it is advisable to carry some food and water. You will enjoy your afternoon over a picnic lunch while you watch Australia’s famous kangaroos and a wide variety of other animals. If you are not able to carry anything, don’t worry, you can buy lunch at the restaurants near the park. After lunch, you can visit Brambuk Cultural Centre and learn more about the region heritage.

You can also take a walk and crisscross through the park. The walk will enable you to experience the captivating scenery of the cascading waterfalls and other breathtaking views. If you are into history, make sure you visit the town of Ballarat and learn more about the discovery of gold.

Grampians National Park has a lot to offer and to be able to see all the amazing places; you need to come prepared to walk to most places. If you are not able to do that, you can as well drive around the park and enjoy every part of the park.

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Philip Island: Penguins Parade and Wildlife Full-Day Tour

Philip Island is famously known for its penguin parade. A full-day tour at Philip Island will provide you with an incredible experience seeing beautiful views and wildlife.

To be able to get a clear view of the penguins as they arrive from the water, there are bleachers set up on the beach. However, due to many tourists around that place, you may miss the experience. No worries though – you can also get a closer look at the penguins along the boardwalk as you head to the information center. The information center educates you more on wildlife such as koalas and also enables you to spot where the wildlife is located. If you get the chance of spotting them and if you like, the tour guide will help you take some photos with them.

Another exciting place to visit is the Maru Animal Park, where you get the chance to pet and feed the kangaroos and wallabies. There is also the Churchill Island Heritage Farm situated just off the coast of Philip Island. The farm has several activities that are ideal for kids such as sheep shearing, whip-cracking, among other activities.

To experience more of the island, you can take a walk along the coastal shore where you can get a glimpse of the Australian largest population of fur seals. If you are lucky, you’ll see some playful dolphins in the ocean. With all this and more to see and to do at Philip Island, there is no doubt the tour will leave you with treasured life memories.

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