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The fabled Aussie drinking games, which are as loud as an Acca Dacca (AC/DC) concert, and as messy as a 2 week holiday to Bali.

These games will not only get you drunk, which let’s be honest is the entire reason why you would want to play a drinking game, but will also help you delve a little deeper in the (not so) deep culture of being an Aussie.

You know those moments  at a party when you’re sitting down with some randoms around a Bunnings table, and nobody knows each other, so you try and persevere in making awkward small talk with it only fizzling out?

The conversation doesn’t really go anywhere, everybody begins staring at each other, smiling politely and waiting for a moment to leave the room. Yep, those moments are fun, fun, fun!

Well have no fear, here’s how to help that party liven up!

We don’t want you to go through these awkward moments again, as with any one of these games listed below they’ll be your ace in the hole when things go a little sour at any party.

You’ll need some Australian slang words to go with your drinking games.


Goon of Fortune

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This is the staple Aussie drinking game.

It’s popularity predominantly stems from the majority of university students and hipsters who play it.

Goon is basically cheap boxed wine. Not very tasty, you buy it in bulk of 4 litres, it has a high alcohol percentage and is only $12 AUD. So it is obviously a winner amongst university students who are barely able to afford a can of baked beans, let alone enough alcohol to get drunk.

The price for alcohol in Australia is some of the most expensive in the world, with a bottle of vodka costing around $40 AUD. I must say I have played this game, and drank this notorious nector many times.


Good of Fortune is played by tying the Goon bag onto a hills hoyce clothesline, or anything which can spin freely – imagination is encouraged. 

The most common method to play is that each person has a turn at spinning the clothesline, and depending on where the goon bag stops spinning, that will determine the action performed by the individual.

Before spinning you will need to decide what actions will be taken depending on certain areas the goon bag lands close to.

Since you’ll probably be playing this in somebody’s backyard, you can make rules for how many drinks, or what humiliating tasks a person’s needs to perform.  For instance if the goon bag lands adjacent to the rubbish bins you will need to take several swigs of the goon. If it were to land adjacent to the shed you will need spin around several times, then take a swig, or need to remove a piece of clothing. You can pretty much make up whatever you like, which is the fun part is.

Plus you get to spin something whilst drunk, which is pretty cool itself.



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After this game you may very well have “struck” the bottom of a toilet with copious amounts of vomit.

It’s not a pretty sight to envision, and this game is for the brave, so you have been warned.

This game is quite easy to organize, as like any true Aussie music lover you will have AC/DC on your ipod, and you will definitely have the song “Thunderstruck” on your most recently played list.

Now onto the game.

During the song of Thunderstruck, you will need to take a shot whenever they use the word Thunder. That can be thunder by itself which is chanted by the crowd in the background, or even the name of the song Thunderstruck. The shot can be whatever you choose, wine, beer, vodka, or tequilla.

Most people play the game in the true Aussie spirit of using beer, but if you’re feeling quite brave, and you’re ready for a VERY messy night out on the town you can try replacing the beer for Bundaberg Rum or tequilla. That is if you’re brave or stupid enough.


Those Flamin’ Mongrels!

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When you go to Australia you expect everybody to be speaking like they are a carbon copy of Steve Irwin.

Seeking crocodiles to wrestle in the bush and using all those funny colloquial phrases such as, “Struth!”, “Bugger”, and the classic “Those flamin mongrels!”.

Sorry to disappoint, but those phrases seem to be going the way of the dinosaur.

But thankfully there is still somebody who is a true blue Aussie and  keeps these strong phrases going, and that is Alf from the classic Aussie soap opera Home and Away.

To be honest the character Alf is quite synonymous for his usage of these phrases, along with his striking good looks, and his ability to convince people to willingly enter his dungeon of fun (Australian inside joke).

To turn Alf’s antics into a drinking game is quite simple.

Watch an episode of Home and Away, and whenever Alf says anything considered even remotely Australian then take a shot. For this one it’s best to use hard liquor, not because there might be little screen time involving Alf or him not using any Australian slang, but because of the very nauseating fact that you will be watching Home and Away.


Have you tried any of these games? Let us know in the comments.

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