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We thought we’d teach you a few Australian-isms to make sure that you’re up with the slang of our home country, the beautiful Australia.

First of all, yes we do speak English in Australia.

However as each country does, we have our own twist on certain parts of the English language. In Australia we are massive fans of shortening words, taking words that mean something and using them for something else entirely, as well as inventing our own words and phrases.

While many of the slang words listed below are used in casual conversations in day to day life, some of them are only used by the older generation, those classified as bogan or by those who live deep in the country.

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30 Australian-isms to add to you vocabulary

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  1. Taking the piss – To make fun of someone in a friendly way.
  2. Hoon –  Normally a young person who races in the street illegally.
  3. Bottle-o – Very common slang for a shop that sells alcohol.
  4. Servo – Slang for a service station (where you can buy petrol and snacks).
  5. Sticky Beak – Another term for being nosey or wanting to check something out.
  6. Yobbo – Someone loud and unpleasant, often drunk.
  7. Barbie – Slang for the word barbeque.
  8. Arvo – Short version of the word afternoon.
  9. Brekky – Short version for the word breakfast (Seeing a pattern here).
  10. Dack Him – Pull his pants down in front of those people when his back is turned.
  11. Maccas – Mc Donalds
  12. Goon – Boxed wine which is a popular cheap drink for students
  13. That’s un-Australian – Uttered when anything unfair has happened. Australians have a big culture of mate-ship and get very passionate when they are wronged, ripped off or see something happen that they believe doesn’t fit in with that mate-ship culture.
  14. Hungrys – Hungry Jacks/ Burger King
  15. Off your tits / Off your face – someone who is incredibly wasted after a heavy session of drinking or drug taking.
  16. Leg it – To run away after you get caught doing something you shouldn’t have done.
  17. Ranga – a person with red hair.
  18. Duh-ree – ciggerette
  19. Tall poppy syndrome – To criticize someone who is successful to bring them down to the level of someone less successful (like the criticizer themselves) to make themselves or others feel better.
  20. Wheely bin – The large rubbish bins that are put on the side of the road outside your house.
  21. Woop woop – refers to a city or place that is in the middle of no where
  22. Avo – Avocado
  23. See you next Tuesday – A derogatory expression used in place of a certain swearword beginning with C
  24. Bickie – Most commonly refers to the word biscuit, but in the club scene it often means ecstasy.
  25. Bogan – Similar to the American term “hick” which is used to describe a person who dresses very casually, swears a lot and often has a cigarette or beer bottle on their person.
  26. Chuck a sickie – To tell your boss your sick and can’t come in to work when you’re perfectly healthy.
  27. Budgie smugglers – the name for those small underwear like swimsuits that some men wear. In this term the “budgie” is referring to a man’s private parts and the swimwear is “smuggling them”.
  28. No worries – A phrase used when someone apologizes for something that you say to let them know that you accept their apology and it doesn’t bother you.
  29. Thongs – flip flops
  30. Up the duff – pregnant


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