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Australia is one of those places with more things to do than you could ever fit into one holiday no matter where your interests lie. With serene beaches lining the coasts of the island calling to beach lovers, powdery slopes in New South Wales for the snow bunnies and the harsh inner center attracting adventurers, you’ll never get bored in such a diverse country.

For travellers who like to keep active on their holidays we’ve come up with 10 active things to do in Australia to keep your heart racing and enjoy the natural beauty of our home country.


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 1. Diving with Great Whites in a Cage in South Australia

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If you’re looking for an activity that will keep your heart rate up you may want to take a detour to Western Australia. Here you’ll don your best swimsuit, lock yourself in a cage and plunge into the sea while pretending to be the star in your very only Jaws remake (with a starkly different story line of course!). You can “swim” with the sharks on a day tour or on a multi-day live aboard.

Shark cage diving only happens in certain places around the world with South Australia being one of them. Unlike the rest of the world where the shark is contained in an aquarium you’ll be the one locked away (not that you’ll be complaining about it) while watching these underwater giants drift around you.


  2. Explore Lord Howe Island

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Queensland is home to many spectacular islands including Lord Howe Island which resides off the coast of New South Wales. Lord Howe Island’s coral reef is the most southern coral reef in the world and thirty years ago was named a world heritage site due to its beauty above and below water. The island is easily accesible from Brisbane, Sydney or Port Macquarie.

A trip to the island means getting back to nature with a range of activities such as bushwalking, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. We suggest taking a snorkeling or scuba diving tour out to one of the world’s largest sea stacks to experience an underwater adventure.


 3. Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Diving the Great Barrier Reef is on the bucket list of many – especially avid scuba divers. The location is iconic – as the biggest barrier reef in the world and the unique view from above the surface is just as beautiful as whats down below.

The easiest way to dive the Great Barrier Reef is to take a day tour or visit with a dive shop. For divers who mean business a live aboard boat may be your best option which will take you further out and give you multiple days to dive.

 4. Swimming with Whales on the Sunshine Coast

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You could get your exercise of the day in by jogging near your hotel at 6am in the morning or you can hit the ocean and spend the afternoon swimming with these amazing creatures. In the middle of the year its whale season on the sunshine coast and with it comes the opportunity to not only watch whales from the boat but also to swim with them. If this one isn’t already on your bucket list it should be.


  5. Kite Surfing in Geraldton (Western Australia)

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Kite surfing has finally answered the question of what to do with your arms while surfing, and its taking Western Australia by storm. Unlike surfing where your legs are doing all the heavy work with kite surfing you’ll be working out your arms at the same time – so if you want to work on toning your body while on holiday kite surfing is going to be your number one friend.

Geraldton, WA is the place to be due to the popularity of the sport there, as well as the perfect conditions which make kite surfing more accessible to beginners. Surfing experience will be a plus but if you have none, there are plenty of beginner courses to get you started.


 6. White Water Rafting in Tasmania

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Franklin River in Tasmania is the perfect place to hit the rapids for beginners. The beautiful winding river allows for day trips as well as multi-day camping tours up to 10 days which will let you experience the many different conditions of the river. A lot of the river is mild – which is what makes it perfect for beginners – with spurts of intense adrenlin pumping paddling and maneuvering your raft over small waterfalls.


 7. Skydive – Anywhere!

Skydiving – kind of like falling, but intentional. Australia is one of the best places to skydive due to the stunning natural scenery you’ll find almost everywhere around the country. Skydiving as a beginner is exhilarating, and many companies cater to first timers looking for an adrenalin rush. There are so many amazing places to skydive around Australia so if you only have the budget for one dive make sure to do your research beforehand.

However if you can’t stand the thought of jumping out of a plane, you can take baby steps by skydiving indoors at one of the many indoor skydiving centers before you decide whether or not to make the plunge (pun intended).


  8. Canyoning the Blue Mountains (NSW)

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Canyoning is an adventure seeker’s dream and a great way to get your heart racing while on holiday in Australia. Jump on either a day tour or multi day tour and head out to one of New South Wales beautiful canyons to climb, rappel and slide your way through a beautiful outdoor playground.


 7. Fly Boarding

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Flyboarding is one of the more recent sports on this list and fulfills the dreams many of us have of flying. However just in case you’re not naturally gifted at flying, somebody had the genius to flyboard over water, giving a soft landing for those of us who are not graceful flyers.

The sessions are generally short but come with training beforehand and then roughly 10-15 minute free flying time. If nothing else this could be your chance to play out your childhood dreams of flying around like your favourite superhero.


  8. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney harbor bridge climb is as iconic to Sydney in a way only a few landmarks are to their respective cities. Climbing the Sydney harbor bridge is a must do in order to take in the full view of one of the prettiest cities in Australia. The only downside to the bridge climb is that you can’t take your own cameras for safety reasons, but you can purchase photos from your tour guide for a small fee.


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